November 25th All Events

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November 25th, 2007 (November 25 2007)EventThe first European Parliament election and a referendum on changing the voting system (called by the President and declared invalid because of insufficient turnout) were held in Romania.
November 25th, 2007 (November 25 2007)EventPresident of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili resigns.
November 25th, 2007 (November 25 2007)DeathKevin DuBrow, American singer (Quiet Riot) (born in 1955)
November 25th, 2006 (November 25 2006)DeathSean Bell, American shooting victim (born in 1983)
November 25th, 2006 (November 25 2006)DeathLuciano Bottaro, Italian comic book artist (born in 1931)
November 25th, 2006 (November 25 2006)DeathLeo Chiosso, Italian lyricist (born in 1920)
November 25th, 2006 (November 25 2006)DeathValentin Elizalde, Mexican singer (born in 1979)
November 25th, 2006 (November 25 2006)DeathKenneth M. Taylor, American pilot (born in 1919)
November 25th, 2006 (November 25 2006)DeathPhyllis Fraser, American actress and children s book publisher (born in 1916)
November 25th, 2005 (November 25 2005)EventPolish Minister of National Defence Radek Sikorski opens Warsaw Pact archives to historians. Maps of possible nuclear strikes against Western Europe, as well as the possible nuclear annihilation of 43 Polish cities and 2 million of its citizens by Soviet-controlled forces, are released.
November 25th, 2005 (November 25 2005)DeathGeorge Best, Northern Irish footballer (born in 1946)George Best Quotes
November 25th, 2005 (November 25 2005)DeathRichard Burns, English WRC champion (born in 1971)
November 25th, 2002 (November 25 2002)DeathKarel Reisz, Czech theater director (born in 1926)
November 25th, 2001 (November 25 2001)DeathRiaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, Muslim Sufi, author, spiritual leader (born in 1941)
November 25th, 2000 (November 25 2000)Event2000 Baku earthquake took place.
November 25th, 2000 (November 25 2000)DeathHugh Alexander, American baseball player (born in 1917)
November 25th, 1998 (November 25 1998)DeathNelson Goodman, American philosopher (born in 1906) Philo Quotes
November 25th, 1998 (November 25 1998)DeathFlip Wilson, American actor and comedian (born in 1933)Flip Wilson Quotes
November 25th, 1997 (November 25 1997)DeathBarbara, French singer (born in 1930)
November 25th, 1997 (November 25 1997)DeathKamuzu Banda, President of Malawi (born in ca. 1898)
November 25th, 1996 (November 25 1996)EventAn Ice storm strikes the central U.S. killing 26 people. Powerful windstorm affects Florida, winds gust over 90 mph, toppling trees and flipping trailers.
November 25th, 1995 (November 25 1995)DeathLeon Zitrone, French journalist and television host (born in 1914)
November 25th, 1995 (November 25 1995)DeathAlan Nicholls, English footballer (born in 1973)
November 25th, 1994 (November 25 1994)EventSony founder Akio Morita announces he will be stepping down as CEO of the company.
November 25th, 1992 (November 25 1992)EventThe Czechoslovakia Federal Assembly votes to split the country into the Czech Republic and Slovakia from January 1, 1993.
November 25th, 1989 (November 25 1989)DeathAlva R. Fitch, American World War II and Korean soldier (born in 1907)
November 25th, 1988 (November 25 1988)EventGerman politician Rita Sussmuth becomes president of the Bundestag.
November 25th, 1987 (November 25 1987)EventSupertyphoon Nina pummels the Philippines with category 5 winds of 165 mph and a surge that swallows entire villages. at least 1,036 deaths attributed to the storm.
November 25th, 1987 (November 25 1987)DeathHarold Washington, Mayor of Chicago (born in 1922)
November 25th, 1986 (November 25 1986)EventIran Contra Affair: US Attorney General Edwin Meese announces that profits from covert weapons sales to Iran were illegally diverted to the anti-communist Contra rebels in Nicaragua.
November 25th, 1986 (November 25 1986)EventThe King Fahd Causeway was officially opened in the Persian Gulf.
November 25th, 1986 (November 25 1986)BirthKatie Cassidy, American singer and actress
November 25th, 1986 (November 25 1986)BirthCraig Gardner, English footballer
November 25th, 1986 (November 25 1986)BirthAmber Hagerman, American kidnapping and murder victim, basis of the Amber Alert system (died in 1996)
November 25th, 1985 (November 25 1985)DeathRay Jablonski, American baseball player (born in 1926)
November 25th, 1985 (November 25 1985)DeathFranz Hildebrandt, German Theologian(born in 1909)
November 25th, 1984 (November 25 1984)Event36 top musicians gather in a Notting Hill studio and record Band Aid s Do They Know It s Christmas in order to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia.
November 25th, 1984 (November 25 1984)EventA KCR train derails between Sheung Shui and Fanling, Hong Kong.
November 25th, 1984 (November 25 1984)BirthGaspard Ulliel, French actor
November 25th, 1983 (November 25 1983)BirthKirsty Crawford, Scottish singer/songwriter
November 25th, 1982 (November 25 1982)EventThe Minneapolis Thanksgiving Day Fire destroys an entire city block, including the Northwestern National Bank building and the recently closed Donaldson s Department Store.
November 25th, 1981 (November 25 1981)BirthXabi Alonso, Spanish international footballer
November 25th, 1981 (November 25 1981)BirthBarbara Bush, daughter of George W. Bush and Laura BushGeorge W. Bush Quotes
November 25th, 1981 (November 25 1981)BirthJenna Bush, daughter of George W. Bush and Laura BushGeorge W. Bush Quotes
November 25th, 1981 (November 25 1981)BirthJared Jeffries, American basketball player
November 25th, 1981 (November 25 1981)BirthMauricio Rua, Brazillian Mixed Martial Artist Martial Quotes
November 25th, 1981 (November 25 1981)DeathJack Albertson, American actor (born in 1907)
November 25th, 1980 (November 25 1980)BirthJosh Lomberger, American professional wrestling backstage interviewerRic Berger Quotes
November 25th, 1980 (November 25 1980)BirthKushan Liyanarachchi, Prominent Live Buddhism Practitioner, Sri Lanka
November 25th, 1980 (November 25 1980)BirthAaron Mokoena, South African soccer player
November 25th, 1979 (November 25 1979)BirthThea Gilmore, British songwriter
November 25th, 1979 (November 25 1979)BirthMichael Lehan, National Football League player
November 25th, 1978 (November 25 1978)BirthRingo Shiina, Japanese musician
November 25th, 1978 (November 25 1978)DeathElaine Esposito, American woman who hold the record for longest coma (born in 1934)
November 25th, 1977 (November 25 1977)EventFormer Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr. was found "guilty" by the Philippine Military Commission No. 2 and was sentenced to death by firing squad.
November 25th, 1977 (November 25 1977)BirthGuillermo Canas, Argentine tennis player
November 25th, 1977 (November 25 1977)BirthMarcus Marshall, Australian racing driver
November 25th, 1976 (November 25 1976)BirthDonovan McNabb, American football player
November 25th, 1976 (November 25 1976)BirthClint Mathis, American soccer player
November 25th, 1975 (November 25 1975)EventSuriname gains independence from the Netherlands.
November 25th, 1974 (November 25 1974)DeathNick Drake, British singer and songwriter (born in 1948)Nick Drake Quotes
November 25th, 1974 (November 25 1974)DeathU Thant, Burmese UN Secretary-General (born in 1909)U Thant Quotes
November 25th, 1973 (November 25 1973)EventGeorge Papadopoulos, head of the military Regime of the Colonels in Greece, is ousted in a military coup led by Lieutenant General Phaidon Gizikis.
November 25th, 1973 (November 25 1973)BirthErick Strickland, American basketball player
November 25th, 1973 (November 25 1973)DeathLaurence Harvey, Lithuanian-born actor (born in 1928)
November 25th, 1972 (November 25 1972)DeathHenri Coanda, Romanian aerodynamics pioneer (born in 1886)
November 25th, 1971 (November 25 1971)BirthChristina Applegate, American actress
November 25th, 1971 (November 25 1971)BirthMagnus Arvedson, Swedish ice hockey player
November 25th, 1970 (November 25 1970)EventIn Japan, author Yukio Mishima and two compatriots commit ritualistic suicide after an unsuccessful coup attempt.Yukio Mishima Quotes
November 25th, 1970 (November 25 1970)DeathYukio Mishima, Japanese writer (born in 1925)Yukio Mishima Quotes
November 25th, 1969 (November 25 1969)BirthAnthony Peeler, American basketball player
November 25th, 1968 (November 25 1968)BirthJill Hennessy, Canadian actress
November 25th, 1968 (November 25 1968)BirthErick Sermon, American rap music artist
November 25th, 1968 (November 25 1968)BirthJacqueline Hennessy, Canadian actress and talk show host
November 25th, 1968 (November 25 1968)BirthGalin Nikov, Bulgarian pole vaulter
November 25th, 1968 (November 25 1968)DeathUpton Sinclair, American journalist, politician, and writer (born in 1878)Upton Sinclair Quotes
November 25th, 1968 (November 25 1968)DeathPaul Siple, American explorer of the Antarctic. (born in 1908)
November 25th, 1967 (November 25 1967)BirthKazuya Nakai, Japanese voice actor
November 25th, 1967 (November 25 1967)BirthGregg Turkington, American comedian (as Neil Hamburger) and musician
November 25th, 1966 (November 25 1966)BirthTim Armstrong, American musician (Rancid and The Transplants)
November 25th, 1966 (November 25 1966)BirthBilly Burke, American actor
November 25th, 1965 (November 25 1965)BirthCris Carter, American football player
November 25th, 1965 (November 25 1965)BirthDougray Scott, Scottish television and film actor
November 25th, 1965 (November 25 1965)DeathDame Myra Hess, British pianist (born in 1890)
November 25th, 1964 (November 25 1964)BirthMark Lanegan, American musician (Screaming Trees)
November 25th, 1963 (November 25 1963)EventPresident John F. Kennedy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.John F. Kennedy Quotes
November 25th, 1963 (November 25 1963)BirthKevin Chamberlin, American actor
November 25th, 1963 (November 25 1963)BirthHolly Cole, Canadian jazz singer
November 25th, 1963 (November 25 1963)BirthBernie Kosar, American football player
November 25th, 1962 (November 25 1962)BirthGilbert Delorme, Canadian ice hockey player
November 25th, 1960 (November 25 1960)EventThe Mirabal sisters of the Dominican Republic are assassinated.
November 25th, 1960 (November 25 1960)BirthAmy Grant, American singer
November 25th, 1960 (November 25 1960)BirthJohn F. Kennedy, Jr., American publisher (died in 1999)John F. Kennedy Quotes
November 25th, 1960 (November 25 1960)BirthKasey Smith, American keyboardist
November 25th, 1959 (November 25 1959)BirthCharles Kennedy, British politician
November 25th, 1959 (November 25 1959)BirthSteve Rothery, British guitarist (Marillion)
November 25th, 1959 (November 25 1959)DeathGerard Philipe, French actor (born in 1922)
November 25th, 1958 (November 25 1958)EventFrench Sudan gains autonomy as a self-governing member of the French Community.
November 25th, 1957 (November 25 1957)BirthBob Ehrlich, Jr., former Maryland governor
November 25th, 1956 (November 25 1956)BirthHelene Goudin, Swedish politician
November 25th, 1955 (November 25 1955)BirthBruno Tonioli, Italian born British dancer
November 25th, 1953 (November 25 1953)BirthJeffrey Skilling, former CEO of Enron
November 25th, 1953 (November 25 1953)BirthGraham Eadie, Australian rugby league player
November 25th, 1952 (November 25 1952)EventAgatha Christie s murder-mystery play The Mousetrap opens at the Ambassadors Theatre in London and eventually becomes the longest continuously-running play in history.Agatha Christie Quotes
November 25th, 1952 (November 25 1952)BirthImran Khan, Pakistani test cricketerImran Khan Quotes
November 25th, 1952 (November 25 1952)BirthJohn Lynch, American politician current governor of New Hampshire
November 25th, 1951 (November 25 1951)BirthBucky Dent, American baseball player
November 25th, 1951 (November 25 1951)BirthBill Morrissey, American musician Morrissey Quotes
November 25th, 1951 (November 25 1951)BirthArturo Perez Reverte, Spanish novelist and war reporter
November 25th, 1950 (November 25 1950)EventThe "Storm of the Century", a violent snowstorm, paralyzes the northeastern United States and the Appalachians, bringing winds up to 100 mph and sub-zero temperatures. Pickens, West Virginia, records 57 inches of snow. 323 people die due to the storm.
November 25th, 1950 (November 25 1950)EventThe People s Republic of China joins the Korean War, sending thousands of troops across the Yalu river border to fight United Nations forces.
November 25th, 1950 (November 25 1950)DeathJohannes Vilhelm Jensen, Danish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1873)
November 25th, 1950 (November 25 1950)DeathGustaf John Ramstedt, Finland-Swedish linguist and diplomat (born in 1873)
November 25th, 1949 (November 25 1949)DeathBill "Bojangles" Robinson, African American entertainer (born in 1878)
November 25th, 1948 (November 25 1948)BirthJacques P. Dupuis, French Canadian politician
November 25th, 1948 (November 25 1948)DeathKanbun Uechi, karate master (born in 1877)
November 25th, 1947 (November 25 1947)EventRed Scare: The "Hollywood Ten" are blacklisted by Hollywood movie studios.
November 25th, 1947 (November 25 1947)EventNew Zealand ratifies the Statute of Westminster and thus becomes independent of legislative control by the United Kingdom.
November 25th, 1947 (November 25 1947)BirthJonathan Kaplan, American filmmaker
November 25th, 1947 (November 25 1947)BirthJohn Larroquette, American actor
November 25th, 1947 (November 25 1947)BirthTracey Walter, American actor
November 25th, 1947 (November 25 1947)DeathLeon-Paul Fargue, French poet (born in 1876)
November 25th, 1946 (November 25 1946)BirthBev Bevan, English rock drummer (The Move, Electric Light Orchestra)
November 25th, 1945 (November 25 1945)BirthGeorge Webster, American football player (died in 2007)
November 25th, 1944 (November 25 1944)EventWorld War II: A German V-2 rocket hits a Woolworth s store in Deptford, United Kingdom, killing 160 shoppers.
November 25th, 1944 (November 25 1944)EventWorld War II: Battle of PeleliuAt Peleliu, Palau, American forces led by the general officer William H. Rupertus defeat the Japanese army led by Colonel Kunio Nakagawa.
November 25th, 1944 (November 25 1944)BirthBen Stein, American actorBen Stein Quotes
November 25th, 1944 (November 25 1944)DeathKenesaw Mountain Landis, American baseball commissioner (born in 1866)
November 25th, 1943 (November 25 1943)EventStatehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina was re-established at the Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia.
November 25th, 1942 (November 25 1942)BirthBob Lind, American folk singer and songwriter
November 25th, 1941 (November 25 1941)EventFinland joined the Anti-Comintern Pact.
November 25th, 1941 (November 25 1941)BirthRiaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi, Muslim Sufi, author, spiritual leader (died in 2001)
November 25th, 1941 (November 25 1941)BirthPercy Sledge, American musician
November 25th, 1940 (November 25 1940)EventFirst flight of the deHavilland mosquito and Martin B-26 Marauder.
November 25th, 1940 (November 25 1940)BirthReinhard Furrer, American physicist and astronaut (died in 1995)
November 25th, 1940 (November 25 1940)BirthJoe Gibbs, American football coach
November 25th, 1938 (November 25 1938)BirthRosanna Schiaffino, Italian actress
November 25th, 1936 (November 25 1936)EventIn Berlin, Germany and Japan sign the Anti-Comintern Pact, thus agreeing to consult on what measures to take "to safeguard their common interests" in case of an unprovoked attack by the Soviet Union against either nation.
November 25th, 1936 (November 25 1936)BirthTrisha Brown, American choreographer and dancer
November 25th, 1933 (November 25 1933)BirthKathryn Grant, American actress
November 25th, 1926 (November 25 1926)EventThe deadliest tornado outbreak in U.S. November history strikes on Thanksgiving day. 27 twisters of great strength reported in the Midwest, including the strongest November tornado, an estimated F4, that devastates Heber Springs, Arkansas. 51 deaths in Arkansas alone, 76 deaths and over 400 injuries in all.
November 25th, 1926 (November 25 1926)BirthJeffrey Hunter, American actor (died in 1969)
November 25th, 1926 (November 25 1926)BirthPoul Anderson, American writer (died in 2001)
November 25th, 1924 (November 25 1924)BirthTakaaki Yoshimoto, Japanese poet, critic, and philosopher. Philo Quotes
November 25th, 1923 (November 25 1923)BirthMauno Koivisto, former president of Finland
November 25th, 1922 (November 25 1922)BirthGloria Lasso, French-Spanish singer (died in 2005)
November 25th, 1920 (November 25 1920)BirthTuanku Syed Putra ibni Almarhum Syed Hassan Jamalullail, King of Malaysia (died in 2000)
November 25th, 1920 (November 25 1920)BirthRicardo Montalban, Mexican actor
November 25th, 1920 (November 25 1920)BirthNoel Neill, American actress
November 25th, 1920 (November 25 1920)DeathGaston Chevrolet, French-born American race car driver and automobile pioneer (born in 1892)
November 25th, 1918 (November 25 1918)EventVojvodina, former Austro-Hungarian crownland, proclaims its secession from this state to join the Kingdom of Serbia.
November 25th, 1915 (November 25 1915)BirthAugusto Pinochet, Chilean Dictator (died in 2006)
November 25th, 1914 (November 25 1914)BirthJoe DiMaggio, American baseball player (died in 1999)
November 25th, 1914 (November 25 1914)BirthLeon Zitrone, Russian-born French journalist and television host (died in 1995)
November 25th, 1913 (November 25 1913)EventPanama becomes a signatory to the Buenos Aires copyright treaty.
November 25th, 1913 (November 25 1913)BirthLewis Thomas, American physician and essayist (died in 1993)Lewis Thomas Quotes
November 25th, 1911 (November 25 1911)BirthRoelof Frankot, Dutch painter (died in 1984)
November 25th, 1907 (November 25 1907)BirthJohn Stuart Hindmarsh, British racing driver and aviator (died in 1938)
November 25th, 1905 (November 25 1905)EventThe Danish Prins Carl arrives in Norway to become King Haakon VII of Norway.
November 25th, 1904 (November 25 1904)BirthLillian Copeland, American athlete (died in 1964)
November 25th, 1904 (November 25 1904)BirthBa Jin, Chinese novelist (died in 2005) Ba Jin Quotes
November 25th, 1904 (November 25 1904)BirthToni Ortelli, Italian composer and alpinist (died in 2000)
November 25th, 1902 (November 25 1902)BirthEddie Shore, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 1985)
November 25th, 1901 (November 25 1901)BirthArthur Liebehenschel, Commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp (died in 1948)
November 25th, 1900 (November 25 1900)BirthRudolf Ho?, commandant of the Auschwitz concentration camp (died in 1947)
November 25th, 1896 (November 25 1896)BirthVirgil Thomson, American composer and music critic (died in 1989) Virgil Quotes
November 25th, 1895 (November 25 1895)BirthWilhelm Kempff, German pianist (died in 1991)
November 25th, 1895 (November 25 1895)BirthLudvik Svoboda, President of Czechoslovakia (died in 1979)
November 25th, 1895 (November 25 1895)BirthHelen Hooven Santmyer, American writer (died in 1986)
November 25th, 1890 (November 25 1890)BirthIsaac Rosenberg, English war poet and artist (died in 1918)
November 25th, 1887 (November 25 1887)BirthNikolai Vavilov, Russian geneticist (died in 1943)
November 25th, 1885 (November 25 1885)DeathKing Alfonso XII of Spain (born in 1857)
November 25th, 1885 (November 25 1885)DeathThomas Hendricks, Vice President of the United States (born in 1819)
November 25th, 1884 (November 25 1884)DeathAdolph Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe, German chemist (born in 1818)
November 25th, 1883 (November 25 1883)BirthHarvey Spencer Lewis, American mystic (died in 1939)
November 25th, 1883 (November 25 1883)BirthMerrill C. Meigs, American newspaper publisher and aviation promoter (died in 1968)
November 25th, 1881 (November 25 1881)BirthPope John XXIII (died in 1963)
November 25th, 1881 (November 25 1881)DeathTheobald Boehm, German inventor of the modern flute (born in 1794)
November 25th, 1880 (November 25 1880)BirthElsie J. Oxenham, British children s author (died in 1960)
November 25th, 1876 (November 25 1876)EventIndian Wars: In retaliation for the American defeat at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, United States Army troops sack Chief Dull Knife s sleeping Cheyenne village at the headwaters of the Powder River.
November 25th, 1876 (November 25 1876)BirthPrincess Victoria Melita of Edinburgh and Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Grand Duchess of Hesse (died in 1936)
November 25th, 1874 (November 25 1874)EventThe United States Greenback Party is established as a political party consisting primarily of farmers affected by the Panic of 1873.
November 25th, 1874 (November 25 1874)BirthJoe Gans, American boxer (died in 1910)
November 25th, 1870 (November 25 1870)BirthWinthrop Ames, American theatrical director (died in 1937)
November 25th, 1869 (November 25 1869)BirthBen Lindsey, American judge and social reformer (died in 1934)
November 25th, 1867 (November 25 1867)EventAlfred Nobel patents dynamite.Alfred Nobel Quotes
November 25th, 1865 (November 25 1865)DeathHeinrich Barth, German explorer (born in 1821)
November 25th, 1864 (November 25 1864)EventAmerican Civil War: A group of Confederate operatives calling themselves the Confederate Army of Manhattan starts fires in more than 20 locations in an unsuccessful attempt to burn down New York City.
November 25th, 1863 (November 25 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: Battle of Missionary RidgeAt Missionary Ridge in Tennessee, Union forces led by General Ulysses S. Grant break the Siege of Chattanooga by routing Confederate troops under General Braxton Bragg.Ulysses S. Grant Quotes
November 25th, 1862 (November 25 1862)BirthEthelbert Nevin, American pianist and composer (died in 1901)
November 25th, 1858 (November 25 1858)BirthAlfred Capus, French author (died in 1922)
November 25th, 1846 (November 25 1846)BirthCarrie Nation, American temperance advocate (died in 1911)
November 25th, 1845 (November 25 1845)BirthJose Maria de Eca de Queiroz, Portuguese novelist (died in 1900)Jose Maria Eca de Queiroz Quotes
November 25th, 1844 (November 25 1844)BirthKarl Benz, German engineer (died in 1929)
November 25th, 1843 (November 25 1843)BirthHenry Ware Eliot American industrialist, philanthropist and the father of T. S. Eliot (died in 1919)
November 25th, 1841 (November 25 1841)BirthErnst Schroder, German mathematician (died in 1902)
November 25th, 1839 (November 25 1839)EventA cyclone slams India with high winds and a 40 foot storm surge, destroying the port city of Coringa (never to be entirely rebuilt again). The storm wave sweeps inland, taking with it 20,000 ships and thousands of people. An estimated 300,000 deaths result from the disaster.
November 25th, 1835 (November 25 1835)BirthAndrew Carnegie, British-born industrialist and philanthropist (died in 1919)Andrew Carnegie Quotes
November 25th, 1826 (November 25 1826)EventThe Greek frigate Hellas arrives in Nafplion to become the first flagship of the Hellenic Navy.
November 25th, 1817 (November 25 1817)BirthJohn Bigelow, American statesman and author (died in 1911)
November 25th, 1814 (November 25 1814)BirthJulius Robert von Mayer, German physician and physicist (died in 1878)
November 25th, 1795 (November 25 1795)EventPartitions of Poland: Stanislaus August Poniatowski, the last king of independent Poland, is forced to abdicate and is exiled to Russia.
November 25th, 1785 (November 25 1785)DeathRichard Glover, British poet (born in 1712)
November 25th, 1783 (November 25 1783)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: The last British troops leave New York City three months after the signing of the Treaty of Paris.
November 25th, 1778 (November 25 1778)BirthMary Anne Schimmelpenninck, British Christian writer (died in 1856)
November 25th, 1758 (November 25 1758)EventFrench and Indian War: British forces capture Fort Duquesne from French control.
November 25th, 1758 (November 25 1758)EventPittsburgh, Pennsylvania is founded.
November 25th, 1755 (November 25 1755)DeathJohann Georg Pisendel, German musician (born in 1687)
November 25th, 1748 (November 25 1748)DeathIsaac Watts, British hymnwriter (born in 1674)
November 25th, 1714 (November 25 1714)BirthYoriyuki Arima, Japanese mathematician (died in 1783)
November 25th, 1712 (November 25 1712)BirthCharles-Michel de l Epee, French philanthropist and developer of Signed French (died in 1789)
November 25th, 1703 (November 25 1703)EventThe Great Storm of 1703, the greatest windstorm ever recorded in the southern part of Great Britain, reaches its peak intensity which it maintains through November 27. Winds gust up to 120 mph, and 9,000 people perish in the mighty gale.
November 25th, 1703 (November 25 1703)BirthJean-Francois Seguier, French astronomer and botanist (died in 1784)
November 25th, 1700 (November 25 1700)DeathStephanus Van Cortlandt, American politician (born in 1643)
November 25th, 1694 (November 25 1694)DeathIsmael Bullialdus, French astronomer (born in 1605)
November 25th, 1686 (November 25 1686)DeathNicolas Steno, Danish geologist (born in 1638)
November 25th, 1667 (November 25 1667)EventA deadly earthquake rocks Shemakha, in the Caucasus, killing 80,000 people.
November 25th, 1638 (November 25 1638)BirthCatherine of Braganza, Queen of Charles II of England (died in 1705)
November 25th, 1626 (November 25 1626)DeathEdward Alleyn, English actor (born in 1566)
November 25th, 1577 (November 25 1577)BirthPiet Hein, Dutch naval commander and folk hero (died in 1629)Piet Hein Quotes
November 25th, 1562 (November 25 1562)BirthFelix Lope de Vega, Spanish playwright (died in 1635) Lope de Vega Quotes
November 25th, 1560 (November 25 1560)DeathAndrea Doria, Italian naval leader (born in 1466)
November 25th, 1542 (November 25 1542)EventBattle of Solway Moss. The English army defeats the Scots.
November 25th, 1501 (November 25 1501)BirthYi Hwang, Confucian scholar (died in 1570)An Wang Quotes
November 25th, 1491 (November 25 1491)EventThe siege of Granada, last Moorish stronghold in Spain, begins.
November 25th, 1456 (November 25 1456)DeathJacques C?ur, French merchant
November 25th, 1454 (November 25 1454)BirthCatherine Cornaro, queen of Cyprus (died in 1510)
November 25th, 1374 (November 25 1374)DeathPhilip II of Taranto, Titular emperor of Costantinople (born in 1329)
November 25th, 1326 (November 25 1326)DeathPrince Koreyasu, Japanese shogun (born in 1264)
November 25th, 1185 (November 25 1185)DeathPope Lucius III (born in 1097)
November 25th, 1177 (November 25 1177)EventBaldwin IV of Jerusalem and Raynald of Chatillon defeat Saladin at the Battle of Montgisard.
November 25th, 1120 (November 25 1120)EventThe White Ship sinks in the English Channel, drowning William Adelin, son of Henry I of England.
November 25th, 1120 (November 25 1120)DeathWilliam Adelin, son of Henry I of England (born in 1104)
November 25th, 1034 (November 25 1034)EventMael Coluim mac Cinaeda, King of Scots dies. Donnchad, the son of his second daughter Bethoc and Crinan of Dunkeld, inherits the throne.
November 25th, 1034 (November 25 1034)DeathKing Malcolm II of Scotland
November 25th, 0311 (November 25 0311)DeathPeter of Alexandria, Christian martyr

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